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Eyebetes Events

What happens at Eyebetes events:

Charitable Eyebetes events are organized in areas of mass congregation where thousands of people congregate from all walks of life, from varied geographies and people belong to different strata of society.

In these areas of mass congregation we distribute educational leaflets regarding diabetes, educate people about what is diabetes, what are its early symptoms, how it can be treated, what are its complications and how one can get screened for diabetes with a simple finger prick test for blood sugar.

In addition to spreading awareness at the Eyebetes event, we erect a pandal to provide the following tests for FREE
• Free blood pressure
• Free blood sugar
• Free vision assessment
• Free eye examination (including optic nerve and retinal examination)
• Once the participants complete all the tests they receive a pair of sun glasses for free

All the tests are conducted by trained nurses, paramedical staff, opticians, optical technicians and doctors.
We use state of the art technology to measure blood pressure, blood sugar and to examine the eyes.

These tests would normally cost at least Rs. 3,000 in a private centre in Mumbai and we provide all these tests for free.

Most results are available instantly and participants are counseled regarding abnormal results.

Results are also sent by text messages to every participant and any abnormal result is highlighted.

One month after the event people with abnormal results are called and reminded to see their local doctor regarding their abnormal results, if they have not already done so. Participants are free to show their results to a local doctor of their choice, be it an allopath, homeopath or ayurvedic doctor.

Eyebetes Foundation helps screen people from socio-economically challenged backgrounds for diabetes and some of the common blinding eye diseases like diabetic changes in eyes, glaucoma, age related retinal changes and other rarer eye conditions.

By identifying diseases like diabetes early we can prevent complications like blindness, kidney failure and untimely death. By identifying potentially blinding eye diseases early we can prevent visual loss and blindness.

Every year Eyebetes Foundation touches the lives of thousands directly by identifying them with potentially devastating diseases and hopefully transforming their lives.