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Thane Town Hall Event 2019

Eyebetes Event at Thane Town Hall – 2019

Town Hall, Thane, Maharashtra

15 June 2019

09 AM - 8 PM

Eyebetes Foundation with Government of Maharashtra and Thane Collector, Mr. Rajesh Narvekar organized one of the largest charitable initiatives for rural and tribal diabetics ever attempted.

In this joint initiative more than 1,000 asha workers, angan wadi workers, Eyebetes staff and volunteers conducted door to door survey in the rural and tribal areas of Thane District to identify diabetics. These diabetics were counseled regarding diabetes and its management and also made aware about the complications of diabetes particularly blindness and kidney failure.

On 15th June 2019, 1234 rural and tribal diabetics were brought to Thane Town Hall for our free Eyebetes initiative where they received free

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar
  • Vision
  • Eye examination (diabetic eye screening)
  • Diabetic nephropathy (kidney) screening
More than 100 buses collected the rural and tribal diabetics from all parts of Thane District and brought them to Thane Town Hall. Thanks to the tireless work of the Collector’s office and his team we were able to ensure that diabetics in far flung areas with poor public transport and no roads were also collected and brought to Town Hall.

On 15th June’19 Eyebetes Foundation organized a team of more than 150 nurses, doctors, optometrists, para medical staff and optical technicians to help conduct the tests described above.

For most of these tribal diabetics it was the first time they had formal assessment of their eyes and screening tests for diabetes related kidney disease.

Diabetes is one of the commonest causes of blindness and kidney failure in the world. For these rural and tribal diabetics who have poor access to healthcare facilities and poor awareness regarding diabetes and blindness and diabetes and kidney failure, diabetes is a significant cause of morbidity, mortality and blindness.
The scale of this event is unprecedented and never before have 1,234 rural and tribal diabetics been assembled for free screening. More than 1,50,000 educational leaflets were distributed in the rural and tribal areas of Thane District.

Our charitable event is also a potential Guinness World Record and we have applied to Guinness World Record for 2 records:

  • Most diabetic eye screening in 8 hours
  • Most kidney function screening in 8 hours

Guinness World Record is currently reviewing our evidence and we are hopeful to receive the result in the next 3 months.

This large event demonstrated that when concerned individuals like Dr. Nishant Kumar, charitable organizations like Eyebetes Foundation work with the Government and are helped by able and conscientious people like Thane Collector, Mr. Rajesh Narvekar thousands of people who need help can benefit.

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