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Eyebetes Foundation

Eyebetes Foundation is an accredited charitable foundation working to reduce the incidence and prevalence of Diabetes and Blindness.

The Foundation conducts large charitable Diabetes and Blindness, Eyebetes events at areas of mass congregation. By focusing activities at locations where thousands congregate we are able to create awareness among thousands and also screen thousands.

Eyebetes has 3 main objectives:

1) Free Screening

Arrange large Eyebetes events offering free blood pressure, blood sugar, vision assessment and retinal examination using state of the art technology.

On average we are able to complete all the screening tests for an Eyebetes participant within 5 minutes.

2) Awareness regarding Diabetes and Blindness

As India approaches 100 Million diabetics it is important that every Indian is educated regarding Diabetes and Diabetes and Blindness. Every Indian knows someone who is Diabetic, be it within the family or a close friend.

It is only by raising the awareness levels regarding Diabetes and Diabetes and Blindness can we prevent the potential epidemic of Blindness from Diabetes

Eyebetes Foundation distributes thousands of educational leaflets at all the Eyebetes events. In 2018 we will have distributed more than 1 Million education leaflets regarding Diabetes and Blindness.

Eyebetes events are extensively covered in National and Regional newspapers and we have media and radio partners helping us spread awareness regarding Diabetes and Blindness.

We are developing a Social Media campaign for Eyebetes to highlight the problem of Diabetes and Blindness

3) Research

As we interact with thousands of people during out Eyebetes events it is an ideal opportunity to better understand and characterize the Indian Diabetic. At present the Indian Diabetic is poorly characterized and we use data from the West to plan awareness and screening programs. The Indian Diabetic is very different from a diabetic in the west. Our research will help us understand the Indian Diabetic so that we can structure our awareness, preventative and treatment strategies to achieve maximum impact.

Our research is published in leading medical journals and presented at national and inter national conferences and meetings.

We have extensive research collaborations with leading institutions in UK, USA and Singapore.

We are pursuing Research in artificial intelligence with Microsoft. Microsoft has partnered with us to develop and enhance artificial intelligence to improve patient care.