What is Eyebetes?


Eyebetes is a movement, which aims to create awareness regarding diabetes and preventable blindness

Eyebetes Foundation has won 3 Guinness World Records


Most Diabetic Eye Screening in 8 hours


Most Diabetic Kidney Screening in 8 hours


Most Diabetic Eye Screening in 8 hours

The Initiative

Eyebetes is India’s Largest Charitable Initiative against Diabetes and Blindness. Diabetes is one of the commonest causes of Blindness. India will soon have 100 Million diabetics who will be at risk of Blindness. Blindness from Diabetes is an Epidemic in the waiting.

Eyebetes Initiative

Eyebetes Projects

Charitable events are organized in areas of mass congregation where thousands of people congregate from all walks of life, from varied geographies and people belong to different strata of society.

Eyebetes projects in the Community​

Eyebetes projects in the Community

Eyebetes projects for Frontline Workers​

Eyebetes projects for Frontline Workers

People screened
90000 +
Educational leaflets

Eyebetes Foundation

Formed in 2016 Eyebetes Foundation is a Non-Profit organisation dedicated to create awareness and provide free screening for Diabetes and Blindness.


The Founder of the Eyebetes Foundation is Dr Nishant Kumar, a Consultant Ophthalmologist and Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon at the Hinduja Healthcare Surgical Hospital, Khar.

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